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1949 – IV TPD  School created. Copernicus Secondary School has been its continuation.

1958 – Jan Dobrowolski becomes the headmaster of the school and continues until 1979

1960 – the school is given the name of Nicolaus Copernicus

1962 – bilingual instruction introduced (the first school in Poland)

1979 – Albert Stoma becomes the headmaster and continues until 2010

1990 – all classes are bilingually taught

1992 – the school is granted the IBO authorisation

1993 – the IB Diploma Programme introduced (one of the two first schools in Poland)

1994 – an innovative four-year secondary school programme introduced

1996 – IBO summer workshops for 400 IB teachers from Europe, Middle East and Africa organized

1999 – 50th school anniversary, graduates’ Reunion

2002 – an innovative organizational model in three-year secondary school introduced

2008 – Copernicus High School wins the second place in the Warsaw High School ratings

2009 – Copernicus High School gains the status of a fully bilingual secondary school (first high school in Poland)

2010 – Justyna Matejczyk becomes the headmistress of the school