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Our Offer


All the classes in our school are taught bilingually. One of them, in the second year of study, starts the IB Diploma Programme.

All candidates to our school are expected to know English at a level which will allow them to participate in classes held partially in this language. Written and oral English tests verify the linguistic competence of the candidates.

Teachers of bilingual classes complete the curriculum in Polish and introduce English terminology of their subject.

From the beginning, each class has a different profile. The classes specialise in: mathematics and physics, natural sciences, mathematics and social sciences or humanities.


The IB Diploma Programme is authorised and managed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. During two years of study, the students prepare for final examinations in six subjects on standard or higher level. These subjects are divided into the following groups: native language, foreign languages, mathematics, social sciences and natural sciences. Additionally, IB students write a research paper, participate in Theory of Knowledge classes and extracurricular activities to develop their creativity as well as physical and social skills. In the IB Programme English is the language of instruction. The IB Diploma Programme is recognized by universities all around the world.

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